free bleach english doujinshi
So due to every single person who visits the site having to load every single preview image for each doujinshi… I’m going to switch it to just linking the doujinshi gallery in question. This should drastically reduce the requirements per person who just visits the site, and it also means I can add more doujinshi per update without it causing massive slowdown issues.

And with that being said, voting also resumes as normal with this update!

Bleach English Doujinshi:
A Dangerous Weapon Known As A School Uniform
Aki-Akane -Sequel 1
BLONDE Deaths In Spa
Cat-like Person, Bee-like Person
EroKosu DREAM 3
EroKosu DREAM 4
EroKosu DREAM 5
Kokucho Enbi
Orihime Seido

You’ll find them all in our Bleach doujinshi gallery!