bestiality hentai gallery
Apparently Beastiality hentai is the name of the game today as it completely blew the competition away, here’s the rundown…

The Vote Tally:
History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi (N/A 1, Hentai 1)
Tits (N/A 1, Hentai 2)
Gravion Hentai 3
Beastiality (N/A 2, Hentai 10)
Demon Hentai
Tentacle (Doujinshi 3, Hentai 2)
Tales of Vesperia Hentai
Silent Hill 2
Grim Grimoire Hentai
Tentacle Doujinshi
Mass Effect (N/A 2, Hentai 2)
Full Metal Panic Doujinshi

So I’m off to collect material for it, and the next vote of course has already begun… But I’d also like to pose some interesting ideas, and perhaps even something of a question to you guys (on top of the vote). See I’ve been contemplating dividing the content that NVHentai, Maihentai, and NVDoujins provide so that each focuses on one thing hentai, movies, and doujinshi respectively. And then I was planning on improving each so that they more effectively provide that content…. NVHentai would gain the ability for users to upload images, even having their own gallery. Maihentai would pick up the ability to stream movies.. And NVDoujins would pick up zip downloads (probably even for the public). I was figuring that dividing the content would allow me to find gallery systems that better focus on what type of content the site was delivering, instead of trying to find a gallery that can deal with all the different types.

It would be a major change, all the same content would still be there though (and even new content would follow). But I figured I’d put it before you guys to see what you thought.

To be continued…

edit 10-21:
My apologies for the delay on this update, my apartment appears to be full of toxic gas (yes, again for those people keeping track). And after dragging my girlfriend to the hospital, I’m sort of hesitant to go back in for my computer to do an update. There are air purifiers in there, fans, and open windows. Whenever it dissipates enough to actually breath in there I’ll snag my computer and get to this update. But otherwise all I have is my phone, which is more than capable of editing a news post, but not actually capable of doing the update. Again sorry for the wait, it’s most definitely not intentional.

edit 10-22:
hentai added to our free members gallery
bestiality hentai gallery
Art: 17 images
Hentai: 2,378 images
Men: 77 images

bestiality hentai gallery
Art: 6 images
Hentai: 793 images
Men: 26 images