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Wow… have I had an obnoxious week… First let’s talk about the members gallery. For those that don’t know, the entire gallery was just missing last week. I’ve gone back and loaded an old version of the gallery from July, and fixed all the updates for October, and September. However the updates for August, and the last half of July are still missing. I’m currently working on that. Also the movie updates are all entirely broken at the moment… I do actually have a plan for this, originally I was going to take a bit longer on doing this… But once I’ve added all the Hentai and Doujinshi updates back, I’m going to make Maihentai into a streaming movie site. Until then however Maihentai will still operate as normal.

So for those of you wondering why I haven’t completely added every update yet… Allow me to tell you a story (woohoo for story time). See I’m actually going to be moving from the quaint (read as terrible) city of Chico, California… to Portland, Oregon, at the end of the month. And my girlfriend is currently looking for a job up there (we’re moving so she can go to a school there). Whatever the case, she got a hit almost immediately for a really nice job… However we had to race up there for a job interview for her. So we literally had to go 491 miles (one way), spend all kinds of time driving around there and come back right after (The whole trip turned out to be 1014 miles, if you include all the city driving as well). So during the nights at Motels I’ve been trying to fix the gallery (for those who have ever used Motel Internet, you know how horrible that is). *shrugs* At least my life is exciting I suppose. But if you’ve been wondering where I was, that’s where.

So what have I done? Well besides the updates, I’ve also added a shoutbox for members. And I’m also resuming updates today, so let’s talk about them…

The Vote Tally:
One Piece Doujinshi
Gunslinger Girl (N/A 4, Hentai 6)
Mass Effect (N/A 3, Hentai 5, Doujinshi 1)
Halo Hentai
Movies 4
Tales of Vesperia Hentai
Final Fantasy 13 (N/A 1, Doujinshi 1)
Tentacle (N/A 1, Doujinshi 5)
Teen Titans Raven Hentai
Hell (N/A 3, Hentai 4)
Rosario + Vampire (Hentai 1, Doujinshi 2)
Bleach Doujinshi 2
Femdom Hentai
Teen Titans Doujinshi
Yu-Gi-Oh Doujinshi
Mortal Kombat Hentai
Warcraft Hentai

Gunslinger Girl wins by a nose on this one, and I’m off to collect material for it. I’ll be back in a bit, but the newest update has already begun, what will you vote for this time? Happy voting!

Question of the Moment:
Currently I just allow all images in a particular gallery to show on the same page, of course this means that when you click on one you can arrow key through them all. But it of course leads to slower loading times. Would you guys prefer I have limit on the number of images per page? Say 100 or so? The downside is that the current image viewer will only let you look at that number of images at a given time. The upside is faster load times.

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gunslinger girl hentai gallery
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