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Wow, so apparently as Toad Sage said it, I guess I am human (or perhaps just blind) and I missed that .Hack apparently had 6 votes. So today I’m not only updating .Hack but also adding the winner of the current vote Sengoku Basara Hentai!

Here’s the vote tally for those interested…
Sengoku Basara (N/A 3, hentai 3)
Love Hina 2
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
Elements hentai(girls representing Earth,Fire,Water and Wind)
Warcraft (N/A 1, Hentai 3)
.Hack 4
to aru majutsu no index hentai
Metroid Hentai
Bayonetta Hentai
Nideo Day 3
EverQuest II Hentai
Boondocks Hentai 2
Bleach Doujinshi
Monster Hunter Doujinshi
Escaflowne Doujinshi
Catgirl Doujinshi

A couple things of note, I’ve reuploaded Sexy Beach 3, hopefully that fixes people’s error with it. If it doesn’t drop a comment in the shout box or something, and I’ll see if I can help. Also for those having trouble with Cosplay Fetish Academy, just restart the program. For some reason it only works after you’ve launched it at least twice. Also another thing of note, there is no vote tonight, as tomorrow is “Nideo’s Choice Day” and since you guys voted to have that… I should probably get back to doing it now that I’m completely moved. So sit back and enjoy, you don’t have to do anything, I’ve already added the .Hack stuff, and I’ll be off hunting Sengoku Basara material. I’ll be back in a bit, and I’ve also got a pretty great update planned for tomorrow so don’t forget to return to tomorrow to check it out.

hentai added to our free members gallery
.hack hentai update
Art: 643 images
Hentai: 474 images
Men: 27 images

sengoku basara hentai
Art: 331 images
Hentai: 81 images
Men: 30 images

.hack hentai update
Art: 214 images
Hentai: 158 images
Men: 9 images

sengoku basara hentai
Art: 110 images
Hentai: 27 images
Men: 10 images