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Originally I had intended to do something for yesterday, but when I returned from Thanksgiving dinner, I discovered that my “so great Internet connection” wasn’t really so great. In fact, it stopped working… again. So after screwing with it all day today, and a trip to Best Buy on “Black Friday” which I don’t recommend by the way… I’m once again up and running. It’s funny, I figured moving to the big city would grant me a better connection. Not a worse one. *shrugs* Who knew?

Anyway as long as this silly connection is working, I’m hoping to do the same. So let’s talk about the update quickly, just in case my connection gets any funny ideas. ;)

The Vote Tally:
To aru majutsu no index hentai
Monster Hunter Doujinshi
Movies 4
Naruto Doujinshi 5
Incest Doujinshi 4
Shantae Hentai 6
Asobi Ni Iku Yo! Hentai
Thanksgiving (N/A 1, Doujinshi 1)
Tales of Vesperia Hentai
Elements Hentai
Dirty Pair Hentai
Escaflowne Doujinshi

I’ll admit, I’ve never even heard of Shantae, so at the very least it should be an interesting thing to look for. I’ll be right back, though feel free to vote while I’m gone as the next vote begins right now.

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