buffy the vampire slayer hentai
I’ve got to admit, I wondered if this one would ever win. I mean sure Buffy is a super well known TV show… But TV shows from the U.S. rarely encourage much hentai. Should make for an interesting search… I already know of several western doujinshi for the series, not as much hentai though.

Oh and people have mentioned a few problems that I’d like to note that I’m looking into…
1. Assort Ben 10 doujinshi is apparently missing.
2. Assort missing Furry doujinshi.
3. The Disgaea gallery is merged with the Nippon Ichi gallery (intentionally) but there is nothing telling people that, so I need to include a Disgaea gallery with a link to the Nippon Ichi gallery.

Beyond that, here is vote tally….
Everquest II Hentai
Buffy (N/A 9, Hentai 1)
Super Mario Bros
Cunnilingus Hentai
Mass Effect
Dirty Pair Hentai
Dragon Age Origins Hentai 2
Tales of Vesperia (N/A 2, Hentai 2, Doujinshi 2)
Fallout new Vegas
Final Fantasy (N/A 1, Doujinshi 1)
Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan Hentai 2
Adventure Time Hentai
Monster Girl Hentai
Ben 10 Doujinshi 2
Romeo X Juliett Hentai 2
Furry Hentai
Loli Hentai
Tokyo Requiem
brutish mine
Hypnosis Hentai 2
to aru kagaru no railgun hentai

…And I’m off to collect, I’ll be right back. There is a vote today though, so if you’d like to let me know what you want to see next, drop a comment to this news post! Happy voting!

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer
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Buffy the Vampire Slayer
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