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The Vote Tally:
Tales Series Hentai 5
HHH Triple Ecchi Movies 4
Archie Comics Girls
Dragon Quest Doujinshi 2

For some reason, I keep thinking that I can make this site ad based in a world of ad blockers. It’s just not possible, I’ve never lost money using Sexkey, and I’ve always lost money trying ads. In order for the ads to work I would need around 3,000 unique people viewing them everyday with at least 200 people clicking them, this requires more and more resources to maintain all these people and thus costs go up. However with Sexkey, I need to convince 10 whole people a month to sign-up, and have to only maintain the site for members and a small amount of resources for prospective new ones.. Ladies and gentlemen I think the choice is clear. As a members site I can focus on making a section that’s the best possible due to less resource requirements, and I won’t always lose money.

So with that being said the 21 most recent updates public gallery returns. I was considering the whole 1/3 of the members gallery as the public one like I was working on before. But I’m not super convinced it’s worth the effort, I mean I have two other jobs so time is limited. And of course any time spent messing with that is time I’m not updating, which just seems bad. Also I’m returning to members having a second vote, and will return the previously banned content back to the gallery along with the art galleries. As members you deserve everything I can give you.

Questions, Commments, Answers:
Q: Can I have the image from the last update?
A: Actually it’s two images…
my little pony update imagemy little pony update image 2

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free tales of graces hentai gallery
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