lolicon tentacle rape hentai
This is one of the those awkward things to vote for…. I mean if you guys had voted Tentacles.. I would have just saved every image I could find including the Loli stuff. And if you’d voted Lolicon, I would have saved every one of those images included the tentacle ones I found. *shrugs* So in the end, I’m basically saying super specific just translates to less material. But you guys are the boss, Lolicon Tentacle Rape Hentai it is. Here’s the vote tally for those interested…

The Vote Tally:
Loli tentacle rape (N/A 8, Hentai 1)
Assassin’s Creed hentai 2
Bullet Witch Hentai
Kiddy Grade (N/A 1, Hentai 2)
Grandia Hentai 6
Furry Doujinshi 3
Fairy Hentai
Gurren Lagann
Shaman King
Hyperdimension Neptunia (N/A 2, Hentai 4)
Teen Titans Doujinshi
Fairy Hentai
Evangelion Hentai 2
Teen Titans Doujinshi

Anyway I’m off to collect the goods, but the next vote starts right now. Happy voting!

lolicon tentacle rape
Tentacle Rape: 171 images

Nideo’s Note: I figured I’d just add this under the lolicon gallery, since it’s just a specific type of that.

lolicon tentacle rape
Tentacle Rape: 85 images