The Vote Tally:
Occult Academy
Fairy Tail (N/A 1, Hentai 14, Doujinshi 1)
Final Fantasy VIII Doujinshi 7
Dragonaut Doujinshi
Breast Expansion Doujinshi 3
Movies (Sin Sorority 1)
Excel Saga 2
Kyoukai Senjou no Hoirzon Hentai
Futanari Doujinshi 2
Nagasarete Airandou doujinshi 3
Furry (N/A 1, Doujinshi 1)

Finally an update I personally would have done, as I’m quite the fan of Fairy Tail. Updating it is a lot like Christmas in March. Before I head off to collect the goods I figured I’d mention for those of you that missed it that I’ve been doing a fair amount of changes to the forum, including visually integrating it into the site. Give it a look if you’re bored and looking for a way to pass the time. Oh and there is a new vote today, which I should probably make a graphic signifying or something.

Question, Comments, Answers:
Question From Rasæl:
This comment is going to look weird after the fact… but… um… is anyone else seeing this? (11:40-ish PM Pacific) The site’s formatting is basically gone, the shoutbox is gone, instead of a kinky banner there’s one with sheep…. I think the webhost is doing mean things to Niddy again -_-

Answer: While my webhost has done all kinds of awful things including losing all the content from Maihentai… This one was in fact actually my fault. See I had two versions of the theme used for the site, so I told WordPress to delete the inactive one. Awkwardly it decided to delete the active one instead and thus default the system back to “2012″ the default WordPress theme… ugly isn’t it? Annoyingly I didn’t have a backup copy of all the changes I had just made to the theme so I had to redo them. Which is why the site was that ugly default white for a time. It wasn’t all bad though, because I lost the originals of some of the old graphics so I was forced to make a couple new ones.

From Erasmo:
Also Nideo, could I have the clean, unedited picture of this harem thingy for the next update? Thanks!

Of course.
The image from NVHentai's Harem update

Fairy Tail Free Hentai Gallery
Art: 539 images
Erza: 255 hentai images
Lucy: 226 hentai images
Men: 133 hentai images
Yuri and Misc: 345 hentai images

Fairy Tail Free Hentai Gallery
Art: 269 images
Erza: 127 hentai images
Lucy: 113 hentai images
Men: 66 hentai images
Yuri and Misc: 172 hentai images