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The Vote Tally:
Fox Girl Hentai 17
Shota Doujinshi
Pokemon Hentai
Games 4
Phantasy Star Doujinshi 5
Pregnant (N/A 1, Doujinshi 1)

Running this one pretty close to the wire, so I won’t talk much other than to say there is no vote today! But there will be two updates tomorrow, so watch for them as hentai July continues on it’s 31st and final day! Happy NOT voting! ;)

Questions, Comments, Answers:
C: “Nideo, I think some of your games have gone AWOL since you freed it from Sexkey”
A: You are correct, I had some in the “arcade” in the members section. However with all the changes going on, I haven’t had the time to add them to this particular gallery.

Q: “They count once a day per Ip if we used Ip changers would that make Niddy more money?”
A: They might, and what you do in your free time is your thing. However I would actually prefer you don’t do this. The last thing I need is JuicyAds calling fraud and deciding not to deal with me. Honestly if everybody just clicked each ad once a day, that would be more than enough.

C: Assorted stuff about the preview images….
A: If you guys like them, then I will include them again.

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