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Got a bit sidetracked yesterday in the middle of the update, apologies for that. Anyway there’s a new vote today, and I have a question for the “Alliance” did you guys want an Alliance logo or something? Or do you prefer I use both the Mercenaries and League logos?

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Q: The previous update image?
the unaltered nvhentai yuri update image

Q: “i have been having trouble with the pictures alot lately the thumbnail ones work but the pictures viewable with slide show fucnction only come up as a long narrow white bar on internet explorer and on firefox it shows the picture but on a different page without slideshow function.”
A: It really looks like I need to pick a different method of viewing images. Perhaps even doing away with the lightbox altogether for all the problems it causes. Do me a favor if you would, test the functionality of the “Mini Test Gallery” at here and let me know if you encounter any problems with it.

C: “Hmmm… close and yet so far (only 1 vote shy, as Niddy accidentally counted one vote separate)”
A: Huh, so I did. At least it wasn’t a deciding vote. Goodness knows I’ve made that mistake before. :(

C: “Cat attacks actually downloadable instead of just the pictures would be nice…”
A: As strange as it is, that “game” which appears to be a movie and not even a game is completely missing. I’ll go collect another copy and move it to where it belongs. Thanks for pointing it out.

A: What a strange problem, I’ve tried re-saving the image in different formats, and uploading it again… Yet the same result, something must be damaged within the image file itself. Thankfully at least it still views once you click on it.

Q: “Is there a gallery section for the update images? or some way for me to get the recent one and some of the other ones I’ve seen.”
A: You can request any image you want in the comments or shout box, and I’ll usually provide it. Some old images were already requested in assorted news posts the day after an update. Or if it’s an image for a hentai update it’s in the “art” folder of that update. But to answer your question, there is no specific gallery with all of it. I suppose I could make one… though I’ve got to be honest with you, I don’t have them in a single directory, they’re all over my computer. I never figured people would be interested in such a thing.

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