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Birdy the Mighty Hentai
Looney Tunes
Digimon (N/A 1, Hentai 1)
Final Fantasy IX (N/A 2, Hentai 3)
Sailor Moon Hentai
Pokemon Hentai
Futa Doujinshi
Beelzebub (Hentai 1, Doujinshi 6)
Furry Doujinshi
Pregnant Doujinshi

So the biggest news today, besides that I’m starting another vote… (Haha, I said it first so the TLDR people don’t miss it. *winks* ) Is that I’ve started another project at (conveniently linked up in the menus). So let’s start off with the why… To put it simply there is only so much advertising space here before it gets annoying. And let’s be real here, ads don’t make anywhere near as much as Sexkey did. So creating a second site will hopefully pick up the slack, and you can definitely help out by simply visiting Maihentai each day since that’s all my advertisers seem to care about. Now with the why out of the way, let’s talk about the idea I have for it…

This site’s design makes use of a gallery that doesn’t have a super large amount of options, or even extra functionality. In fact, that’s why images are viewed in a Lightbox, since the gallery itself is ironically terrible at it. One functionality that it doesn’t really have, is any kind of automatic ability to zip and download galleries, doujinshi, etc. Obviously I could go through every gallery, and code in a zip… But let’s be real here, that’s a tremendous amount of time, and effort that doesn’t lead to solving the finance issue we presently have. However another site whose soul purpose is to distribute zips allows for additional advertising and just might help with the problem. So the plan with Maihentai is just that, to do updates which are simply zipped versions of the galleries here. There will also be weekly votes (possibly more often if people are interested) to decide what’s made available in easy archives. Of course all zips will be hosted on the server so there will be no need to deal with crappy file hosting services.

As is always the case, I value what you guys think so any input on the idea good or bad are of course welcome, and appreciated. Happy voting both here and there!

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Non-English Doujinshi:

Hilde’s Good-Child Sex Education
Hilde's Good-Child Sex EducationHilde's Good-Child Sex Education

Hilda-san ni Hidoi Koto wo Shitemita
Hilda-san ni Hidoi Koto wo ShitemitaHilda-san ni Hidoi Koto wo Shitemita

Gross Darkness
Gross DarknessGross Darkness

Gu Little Little
Gu Little LittleGu Little Little

Nideo’s note: Without a doubt there is a lot more hentai of this than doujinshi. *shrugs*