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Mass Effect Hentai
Eureka 7 Hentai
Linebarrels of Iron

For those interested (but that don’t want to read past the next paragraphs) there is a vote today.

Alright, with that being said I’d like to further discuss the whole Sexkey issue. After reading through your guys thoughts on it, I can definitely agree there should be a grace period before we no longer run the members section through Sexkey. And I’m not opposed to starting the new year fresh either, so let us make that “D” day so to speak, after the New Year all instances of Sexkey will be removed from this site, until then it will work as normal. A final thank you to those of you who supported the site for so long.

Now let’s talk about what will replace it. I will admit, I’m committed to keeping this place free and ad supported, so any type of membership is out. We tried that for a long time, but then I’m always fighting to simply get people to visit the site. So I would like to propose an idea for the replacement of Sexkey, that doesn’t involve anything but your participation in the site…. How about a required number of posts on the forum? I’ll set the bar at something like 500 non-spam (spam of course decided by myself or the mods) posts. Then once you reach it, I’ll just grant you access to a secret voting area (likely a hidden forum). From that point on, you’ll simply have two votes for as long as we do votes. And as a bonus, the forum will gain much needed support.

I will admit, this might require the forum to change it’s ways, possibly be restructured, or even as a last ditch effort replaced… However everything is technically already in place to make this a reality. So I put it before you guys, what do you think of this possible plan?

Questions, Comments, Answers:
Q: Are there any Katawa Shoujo doujinshi?
A: A quick look says there’s not a whole lot, that doesn’t mean more aren’t out there… they just aren’t easily found.

Q: “Again about the sexkey, you sure you’re not in conflict with another site? I did a little digging around the sexkey listings. I didn’t find a NVhentai, but i did find a NVdoujins. Here’s the thing i did a glimpse at it, it’s one of those slapped together pages with virtually no content on it. So it might not be Sexkey that’s screwing you, this other jerk off may have figured out a way to screw you.”
A: It’s true that I elected to let go of the NVDoujins domain. However the only time Sexkey figures into anything is when their code is activated. Since NVDoujins no longer has my particular Sexkey code on it, it shouldn’t be a problem. And even if they were still using it, it just means I’d get the money so I hope they do. ;) Thanks for pointing this out though.

Q: “Well, if i understand how sexkey works, it’s paying him more on the basis of login’s and ad clicks on the post login section. But beyond that sexkey is designed as a age verification program that makes it’s money off of partner site signups (i.e. those memberships they offer when you sign up for the service). So even if he only gets a few people to become site members he’s making more than what he’d be making off of sexkey. He could do like an annual subscription or just go generous and charge a one time life time membership fee. From my point of view, no matter how you slice it, he’s been better off getting rid of sexkey and making his own membership sign up and login.”

A: Since they’re not paying me anymore, I will flat tell you exactly how it works. For every person who signs up through my site with them, I get $25 no matter what happens next. The person who signs up gets two things; a Sexkey which allows them to view all the Sexkey affiliate sites for free for a year…. And they also get a 3 day trial to one of Sexkey’s pay sites. The first you get for the year no questions asked, the second however is where they make their money… See that 3 day trial automatically converts into a paid subscription for something like $39.95 a month if you don’t cancel it. So the trick is, if you sign up, and immediately cancel that 3 day “free” trial, you’ll get to keep your Sexkey for free for a year. Also at this point since Sexkey is no longer paying me I can flat tell you, they’re not in any way shape or form an age verification service. Just some slightly shady people hoping you don’t read a single page of text but yet are willing to input your credit card info into it. (It must work since they paid me for around 7 years.)

C: “I do not think that Nideo still receives money from Sexkey”
A: They haven’t even counted any sign ups in over a month let alone paid me.

C: “@ Niddy while I was messing with stuff on Facebook I came across this thing that you could add adds to Facebook. Something to check it to for the site.”
A: Thanks I’ll look into this.

C: “Hey, what’s up with the gallery images/slideshow. Does show image or give you a slideshow. Just gives a straight blank thin shape.”
A: This still seems strange me as the software this gallery uses is the same as the other. It must be an error with different WordPress versions, I will continue looking into it.

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