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The Vote Tally:
Transformation (N/A 7, Hentai 5)
Tera Online (N/A 1, Hentai 15)
Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai Hentai
Games 2
Masturbation Hentai
Linebarrels of Iron Hentai
Shitting Dick Nipple Hentai

Yes there is a vote. And with that being said, back to the forum thing. Given what people have said since the last update, it doesn’t seem a bad plan to help foster a stronger community here. And the community currently on the forum seems largely receptive to the idea. So I will finalize it all by saying that I will use some method of deciding the extra vote via the forum. The exact method isn’t set in stone but be assured that it won’t hurt to have posts there by the time we switch.

As for the system we’ll use, I have two requirements that any system we do end up with must pass. The first is that I want it to be difficult enough, that it discourages people making lots of accounts to cheat the system. The second is that whatever we use can’t have a huge amount of bookkeeping involved. After all time spent dealing with that, is time spent not on updates. So it can’t be something based on daily posts, as I won’t have time to monitor if people have posted enough each day. However I can also agree that 500 posts is likely too high (it was just a random number anyway). So with these in mind I was leaning towards 5 posts in the previous week gets you a second vote for the current week, however you must have at least 50 total posts to be qualified. (This makes it harder for people to just create stacks of accounts). Also the posts can’t be random gibberish, we’re not looking for spam here so if the forum staff thinks you’re spamming, those posts won’t count.

Anyway don’t let me keep you from the Tera Online hentai goodness, but if you would let me know what you think about the idea that would be great, and don’t forget to vote!

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