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The Vote Tally:
Tentacle Hentai 10
DC Comics (N/A 16, Hentai 3, Doujinshi 4)
Games 2
Egg-laying Hentai 2
Monster High Hentai
Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai Hentai
Darkstalkers Hentai
Furry Hentai 7
Artist Sparrow Doujinshi

What a month; problem, after problem, after problem… Hopefully it’s all subsided and we can get back to the one thing that truly matters, more hentai! Oh and the next vote.

Questions, Comments, Answers:
Q: “I did have a question though Niddy. When you collect doujin do you just go with what you initially find, even if you found something in a sequential set (like in this update where you got Little Girl 1,2,4 but no 3), or do you actually search for that missing piece if it appears to be a part of a set? I always wondered about this…”
A: To be honest it’s usually a very “wham, bam, thank you ma’am” sort of affair of just grabbing 8-10 doujinshi that people say are quality. I suppose I could go for the full set of something, though I admit I don’t always pay attention to the names of what I grab as I grab them. In the future though I shall.

C: “OK niddy I finnaly found a site that would not load when using adblockers, not sure how much help it will be though…”
A: I’ll have to look into it, depending on how they did it it’s entire possible that I could do the same.

C: “Also, to everyone else. Anyone experience the nv outage lastnight at around 1am cst? It was pretty wierd.”
A: I’ll ask my webhost about this, I wasn’t on at the time.

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DC Comics:
English Doujinshi:
Crazy 4 You
Crazy 4 YouCrazy 4 You

Forbidden Affairs
Forbidden AffairsForbidden Affairs

Inque and Livewire
Inque and LivewireInque and Livewire

Joker vs Batwoman
Joker vs BatwomanJoker vs Batwoman

League For Ransom
League For RansomLeague For Ransom

Princess in Peril
Princess in PerilPrincess in Peril

Super Naked Woman
Super Naked WomanSuper Naked Woman

Super Surrender
Super SurrenderSuper Surrender

Superman – Great Scott
Superman - Great ScottSuperman - Great Scott

Wonder Woman Gets It
Wonder Woman Gets ItWonder Woman Gets It