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The Vote Tally:
Yugioh (N/A 5, Hentai 2)
Muscle Growth Doujinshi 8
Fairy Tail (Hentai 1, Doujinshi 1)
Boku Wa Tomodachi (N/A 1, Hentai 1)
Sword Art Online Hentai
Pokemon Hentai

Today I had to discount some votes on account of people voting multiple times. It’s been awhile since I mentioned it, but if you vote more than once besides via the extra vote from the forums or Members section… I not only don’t count that vote, but I void your other vote(s) as well. Also if a person repeatedly does it, I never say who or even tell them… I simply just stop counting their votes in general indefinitely.

That aside the newest vote starts right now! Happy voting!

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Muscle Growth English Doujinshi:

Feed the Beast
Feed the BeastFeed the Beast

Female Muscle Growth
Female Muscle GrowthFemale Muscle Growth

Growth Ray
Growth RayGrowth Ray

Peculiar Tales 2
Peculiar Tales 2Peculiar Tales 2



That Old Feeling
That Old FeelingThat Old Feeling